Wanderlust Brewing Co. – Shakedown Series: Farmhouse Rouge



Wanderlust Brewing Co. (Flagstaff, AZ.)


Welcome to Wanderlust Brewing Co., a relatively newer brewery located in the great piney Northern Arizona region. Flagstaff is home to a good handful of fantastic breweries and Wanderlust one of them. Pretty much a one man show, built and ran by founder/brewmaster Nathan Friedman. Starting out as a homebrewer, Mr. Friedman honed his craft, art and passion for about 7 years before taking the next step into opening his own brewery.

Farmhouse Rouge, Wanderlust’s newest offering is part of the Shakedown Series and isn’t your ordinary Belgian Saison. Aged in red wine barrels then bottled in the traditional Belgian corked bottle, really puts you in the mindset that you’re about to enjoy something quite special. Pouring a deep burgundy color, Farmhouse Rouge looks more like a wine than a beer. Very minimal carbonation with a thin off-white head, immediately I get aromas of wine must, earth and a boozy sweetness. My initial taste picked up trace amounts of alcohol, rich red wine notes and spicy yeast esters.



As the beer sits on my tongue and mingles with my taste buds, oak tannins with notes of dark berries and candied fruits such as plum are pleasantly welcomed. The beers maltiness is much more subdued to the intricate nuances coming from the yeast character and red wine barrel aged notes. I don’t detect much hop presence at first, as there is very minimal bitterness and not much noticeable hop aroma or flavors. As it warms up though, the bitterness starts to creep forward and leave a lingering kiss on the tongue.



Farmhouse Rouge finishes off at 8.6% alc. and is one remarkable ale and will age incredibly well, if cellared properly. I suggest serving this at atleast 52* F to bring out all the fantastic nuances and complex layers. Enjoy it with a loved one on a special occasion or good friends at a dinner party and you’ll be the hero of the day. Cheers to Wanderlust Brewing Co. for making an incredibly unique ale. I eagerly look forward to trying this again in a year after a nice cellar aging and to trying more of your offerings.


Wanderlust Brewing Co.

1519 N. Main Street, Suite 10


Flagstaff, AZ.




Instagram (wanderlust_brewing)



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